Internet of Things

Products and services for Digital Transformation

With the expertise in overall product development tailored to meet the custom needs, Sai Agro Tel is transforming the domestic, agricultural and industrial segment through the automation solutions and services. With operation in verticals of manufacturing and development services, we are inducing the technology in day to day pursuit for the enhanced efficiency and easy operations.

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Making us extraordinary

Special devices for agriculture

We offer a remarkable range of in-house developed devices and controllers for agricultural operations like irrigation, fertilizer usage etc.


Various equipment, sensors and electronic devices are developed for the automotive sector.

Domestic appliances

Efficient LEDs and other appliances to be used at home are developed with own technology

Bio-medical devices

Various digital parts and electronic units along with the embedded program and applications for functioning are provided for health-care devices and systems.


We offer our technological expertise to the guardians of our nation for advanced defense tools and devices.

Consumer Electronics

Programs, applications and devices are also developed to be used by general peoples in their day to day life


With the expert team of developers we provide the ground-breaking products

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Studying the viability, we conceptualize the technology and test it against the international benchmarks.


Based on the concept we develop the device and the software with related apps with programs to be embedded for complete functioning.


Along with the hardware and functional testing we check the product for automation and compliance.


After the development and overall testing we help to get the fabricated technology installed at the desired place.

Post-Sales Support

We also take care of updating the technology and provide component engineering service.

What users Saying


A reliable partner at all steps

With the special team of technical know-hows from all the relevant streams, enable us to transmute the idea into a tangible solution. You just envisage an idea; we will provide the turnkey product.


Entire Product Development

Expertise in all hardware fabrication along with the development of required software and related applications lets us provide all facilities at one place.


Embedded Software

Based on Android, Linux, windows, Device driver, middleware and others, design service in embedded program development is also provided.


Internet of Things

Connecting all the things with internet for fathomless possibilities, an all-inclusive IoT service is provided for a smarter world!